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Hello everybody, my name is Norm Goldman and I'd like to welcome you to my site, How To Become A Jeweler. I come from a long line of jewelers. My father was a jeweler, his father was a jeweler, and so on. You get the idea. Being a craftsman of fine jewelery was in my blood from the word go. And frankly, even if it wasn't in my family, I think I still would have gravitated to this field. I really haven't wanted to do anything else. And while I was taught the craft by my family, I know there are plenty of great schools and academies out there that will give you a head start. But, of course, you can always take the old-school route and choose to go the apprenticeship route. So whatever course you choose, I hope you'll consider this site as a place where you can get good information that will help you on your road towards a rewarding career as a professional jeweler.

Jewelry Design School

Want to make a career as a jeweler? Then become a professional bench jeweler! There is more to designing and making fine jewelry pieces in a designing studio than meets the eye. A jewelry design school will help you on the road to success in the jewelry industry. Bench jeweler and gemologist training is ongoing in a jewelry design school. There are several jewelry design courses and workshops offered in different jewelry design schools all over the world. Here is jewelry design school list you can check out if you are interested in learning more about becoming a certified jeweler:

1-Gemological Institute of America (GIA):
GIA is one of the worlds leading gemological schools. This jewelry design school was founded in 1931 and has grown since then, building campuses in different countries worldwide. GIA is the most accredited school by most jewelers societies around the globe. GIA Diploma courses and programs include: Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), Graduate Diamonds, Graduate Colored Stones, Graduate Pearls, Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.), Applied Jewelry Arts (A.J.A.), Graduate Jeweler (G.J.), Jewelry Design Course, and Comprehensive CAD/CAM for Jewelry Course.

2-American Jewelers Institute:
This jewelry design school Institute offers classes teaching tool orientation, metal fabrication, casting, soldering techniques, jewelry repair, stone setting, finishing, wax carving and modeling, and rubber mold construction. This jewelry design schools 16- week program currently costs below $10,000.

3-California Institute of Jewelry Training:
This jewelry design school offers programs like Jewelry Arts, Gemology, MasterValuer Jewelry Appraisal Program, Retails Sales, and Executive Store Management, with courses in Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making, Jewelry Repair, Gemology, Jewelry Appraisal, and Jewelry Sales. This jewelry design school also offer workshops in Blacksmith, Filigree, Cloisonn Hydraulic Press, Gem Carving, and many more.

4-International School of Gemology:
ISG claims to offer world class gemology training at the worlds lowest tuition rate, this jewelry design school can deliver quality distance education on gemology. ISG is currently offering two separate program levels Registered Gemologist Appraiser (RGA) Program and Individual Courses Program. The former is for those who want to study gemology and jewelry appraisal while the latter is for those who want to study gemology but are not interested with the full appraiser course load. The RGA Program is more extensive with courses including Introduction to watches, Pearls Course, Diamonds Course, Colored Gemstone Identification, Colored Gemstone Grading, Identification of Synthetic Gemstones, Jewelry Insurance Appraisal, and Evaluating Damaged Jewelry. For every course completed, students receive a Certificate of Completion. With their online system, ISG lets you finish the course wherever you are in the world.

SCAD is another jewelry design school, although it does not focus only in the area of jewelry design. SCAD offers both undergraduate courses and more in-depth graduate courses. SCAD has campuses in Atlanta and Savannah (Georgia), Hong Kong, and Lacoste (France), They have also opened an eLearning portal allowing artists and jewelers from around the world enroll in some of their courses.

There are many other jewelry design schools that you can check out, although the above mentioned are among the most popular and reputable. Choose a jewelry design school or university now and become the certified jeweler you wanted to be!

Goldsmith Jewelers: An Exquisite Jewelry Experience

Hoping to get your special lady say Yes? If you live in Utah, one place you can get excellent fine rings and other jewelry is in a jewelry store called Goldsmith Jewelers. Goldsmith Jewelers is a reputable jewelry company based in Provo, Utah that has been providing customers with exquisite selection of jewelry of excellent quality. Goldsmith Jewelers has the largest jewelry and watches showroom in Utah County. Services of Goldsmith jewelers include jewelry and watch repair, custom design, corporate sales, appraisal, insurance, engraving, and pearl stringing. If you need engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other fine jewelry pieces, Gold Jewelers will be able to offer you all of these with the help and service of their friendly staff. Staff at Goldsmith Jewelers always make customers feel welcome and they are genuinely concerned about their clients needs and wants and they help the best they could. They hire only the best professionals and jewelers in the industry to ensure perfection with their service and overall customer satisfaction. You will have quite an experience when you visit their store.

Goldsmith Jewelers can assure you that you only buy diamonds that have been properly graded. Goldsmith Jewelers sells only independently certified diamonds from the most trusted gemological laboratories. All of the diamonds that can be bought at Goldsmith Jewelers have GI, AGS, and GGL certificates. It is important for diamonds to have Diamond Certificates to confirm their characteristics and qualities. A Diamond Certificate usually have the following information about the diamond inspected: the diamonds reference number, shape and style, measurements, proportions, finish, color, clarity, and cut (excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor).

Goldsmith Jewelers has received many awards and recognition for their outstanding service and products. Some of their awards include Reed Smoot Award for Businessman of the Year for the year 2002 and DeBeers Diamond Design Award. Goldsmith jewelers have gotten numerous testimonials and positive customer feedback and reviews. If you visit their online site, you will see a picture gallery with several stories and appreciation notes from their clients.

Goldsmith Jewelers has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations, so when you buy something at Goldsmith Jewelers, you should not only expect high quality of service and products, but an unsurpassed quality. Contact Goldsmith Jewelers for more information on their products and services, or if you have any other questions or inquiries. If you want a guaranteed yes from that special someone, consult with a Goldsmith Jewelers assistant today to get that dreamy ring your sweetheart would not be able to say no to!